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Why Get Abord?


Make a new travel buddy – Connect with people at any point during your travels. Get to know someone at your destination, in the airport or on your group tour.


Experience the world around you in a visually enhanced way. Add new layers of depth and adventure in the interactive map.


Earn points by using the app. These points can be exchanged for rewards from small bubsinesses at your destination.

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From friends to locals, find inspiration throughout the Abord app. View your friends travel experiences and complete your bucket list.


No more downloading multiple travel apps. Find all of the resources you will need to plan, connect and save for your travels in one place.


Providing the most up to date comprehensive database of local businesses, services and offerings from businesses in top destinations.

Explore the ever-growing library of SPOTs and dive into behind-the-scenes details of exclusive journeys shared by users who have similar interests.

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.

- John Green

Quickly create an itinerary in minutes from captivating SPOTs or recreate an even better version of an excursion someone else has gone on by booking an entire experience.

Multiple options to reduce your time researching what to do next.

See what interested travelers think of abord


We presented the concept of Abord to travelers in-person and online and this is what they had to say.

"I went to an SEC school and traveled a lot for football games. Being able to network/meet new people before heading to a nearby town, tailgating or meeting up at a bar sounds like a great time. Also -- spring break. Some people might say 'yeah, just use tinder' but I'd rather meet people, make connections, gain their trust and friendship instead of using a hookup app to make connections with people. I find meaningful relationships and conversation don't really stem from Tinder. I love the idea though. Traveling to Greece with a couple of friends? Why not connect with more people going to the same place that may share the same interests as you? Makes the vacation more memorable and who knows! You might meet a new group of friends or your future spouse."
Greg Castille
"This is such a great idea. There are a lot of people who travel solo that this will help. Also, this will reduce some travel anxiety for introverts."
Adrian Burwell
Software Engineer
"I’m a business traveler and love to travel for vacation. Can’t wait to see this! I just went to the movies alone while in a city for work!"
Kimmy Kirsten
Business Professional
"I really really like this! The idea is awesome."
Shane zandra
avid traveler

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